Are you looking for a smart little house?

Prices from 580,000, - Demo house from 470,000, - * Shipping is not included.

(Price subject to major currency change.)

Are you passionate about the environment, function and design? 


Our goal is to fulfill your dream of getting a beautiful, state-of-the-art house with smart solutions and timely interiors, at a price lower * than what it costs to rent an apartment.


At our factory we make everything clear and build your dream house with the possibility of customization.


We also deliver to landlords and investors who want to increase revenue through sales and rental! We are a safe choice when choosing a partner for your smart mini house! Contact us for a nice house chat!

Good reasons to choose Fleksihus

  • High quality

  • Space saving

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Multifunctional rooms

  • Increased quality of life 

  • Low cost

  • Flexibility

  • Elegant design