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Smart solutions for optimal use of space

An important prerequisite for living comfortably in a mini-house is to find the smart solutions that work for you.


With our smart furniture you can get several features in one room. With the help of extra bedside cabinets, you can flip the bed into the wall and free up valuable floor space.


Fair Deal Smart Furniture is designed to make the areas you have used more efficient and functional. The products have a Scandinavian design, are very solid and are intended for use by the professional market such as hotels, student housing and other demanding customers. We have skilled consultants who can help with everything from planning to production and assembly.

Sofa kombinet med skapseng gir rommet flere funksjoner
Skapseng med kontorpult for kombinert kontor og gjesterom

Our room solutions are designed based on Smart furniture to maximize space utilization. See interactive solution.


Smartfurniture will suit you whether you stay there, use it as a guest / holiday home or if you are planning to rent.


When renting, you get higher occupancy and better prices by having more functions and within minutes having the opportunity to increase the number of beds in the rooms you rent.


A small area certainly does not mean that you have to compromise on features or quality of life.

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