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From idea to reality

- The journey from A to Z.

Housing challenge

The market is experiencing greater and greater demand for housing. Tourism in Norway is increasing, more young people want to take higher education and the pressure on available housing is increasing. This means that prices in the housing market are rising, the price per m2 is reaching new records and many are struggling to get what they need, whether they want to rent or own. Due to high demand in cities with a large degree of tourism, universities, growth in business, there is simply a low supply of housing.

Fleksihus, which is part of the Fair Deal Group, wants to help the market with these challenges, whether you want to rent, own or rent out a room, apartment or house. We have created a concept where our customers are followed through the entire process and we facilitate a safe process to secure what you need, whether it is a small apartment/house of 20m2 where you can live and have a good time, or if you want something bigger that you can rent out or use with your loved ones.

We contribute throughout the entire process and have expertise and partners who will ensure that your needs are met in a safe, good and reasonable way.



Based on needs or opportunities, you have reached the process where you see opportunities!  

You see the possibility that you can finally get a home, either for yourself or for rental.   

We would like to help you develop and realize this

Behov og planlegging

Needs & planning

We have our own designers who help you find the best solution, whether you want a practical home for yourself, or you want to make money from renting. Together we can prepare proposals for solutions that suit you and your needs!

Based on your needs and goals, we can give advice and work together with you to prepare proposals for what is possible and give advice and propose solutions in relation to what we think suits your project.



In relation to the solutions available, together we will be able to calculate the cost level and help you budget so that the risk of negative surprises is minimized and you see what potential your project has.


We are open to going through several rounds to find the best possible solution based on your budgets and financial ability. The banks have requirements for a certain percentage of equity capital, income and operating ability. We know this and will be able to adapt it in relation to your project.


When you, the customer, have decided on overall solutions and budget, we prepare an offer for you that forms the basis of an agreement that you can proceed with to your loved ones, whether it is your partner, family, banks or the board of a company. The agreement is based on what is superior, but at the same time specifies enough that the framework is locked and will function as a basis for further calculation and calculations towards engineering and production.



You take our offer and proposal for an agreement with your partner, family, bank and/or the board to get the necessary financing in place so that the project can move forward and be realised. As soon as this is in place, combined with approval to be able to build, an agreement is signed. An agreement can be signed subject to approval to be able to build. The obligation then only applies if you receive approval. If you do not get approval, the agreement will be terminated.It is also possible to apply for a loan for both your own house and larger projects in the house bank.


 When an agreement is in place, our engineers start designing details about the solution you have chosen. Together we will also map and take into account site location, conditions in relation to road, water / sewerage etc so that we can help you with sketches for any application to be sent to local authorities. We will design your building based on what it is to be used for, whether it is a stay or an accommodation that requires that you follow the content and requirements described in TEK17.

nsplsh_35664e6d57656a34744141~mv2 (1).jpg


We go on to design everything from floor plans to façade drawings and details around walls / pillars, location of supply for electricity, water and drains to make it simple and clear for contractors, electricians, plumbers, walls and sketches / drawings that can be used for the application process against the municipality.

Tekniske tegninger

Technical drawings

We then start the process of drawing up technical drawings that can be used by us and by you regarding application, production, partners and against the authorities in connection with the application to be sent to the municipality. We will also start looking at the production plan at our factories so that we can reserve time in production to build your house. It usually takes 3-4 months from the time we place an order for the house to be delivered, so if we have started the process of reserving time in production, we have the opportunity to deliver as planned, and maybe even faster. When rejecting your municipality, we will "drop" the reservation and others will use the reserved time for another project / house.



You submit an application to your municipality with all the information needed to get your project approved. We provide sketches, drawings and information to ensure that the customer receives sufficient information for the application so that your municipality has a good basis for evaluating your application.

We will do our best to get your project approved and also, if desired, give you tips, links to useful information online and not least advice on the application process.



Once approved, it means green light to go ahead and plan the production and delivery of what will become your new house!



We start production planning based on what we have agreed on and according to the standard required. We order everything from materials that are needed and, not least, order components where there can be some delivery time such as windows, doors, appliances etc in addition to electrical, pipe laying, fittings and what will be their roof.

During production we will take pictures and also be able to inform you on progress if desired.


Logistics & shipping calculation

During the production we start planning and calculating everything that is needed in connection with logistics and shipping to get your house in place safely. This is very important and demanding as we must consider roads, bridges, tunnels and road restrictions in relation to the house you have booked.



 Based on the freight calculation, we order a car, crane and equipment for lifting your house on the car that will deliver the house to your construction site. This is done according to the agreed date of delivery. This is planned in line with their suppliers of foundation / pillars, electrician, plumber and you as a customer. We also pre-order a crane locally from you that will be in place when we arrive to lift the house from the car to your foundation wall / pillars.


Quality control

Throughout the process, we focus on quality assurance and safety in accordance with current regulations and standards to ensure that everything is delivered in accordance with the law and in accordance with the quality and standard described.



The car ordered will pick up your house at our factory in the Baltic States. We have a crane in place to lift and secure the transport. Accompaniment cars are ready with the assembly team to follow the transport to your site. In parallel, we confirm the order crane locally which will lift your house from the car on your foundation wall / pillars.

Løfte på plass

Lift in place

When the car arrives, it is checked that the foundation wall / pillars are in line with the drawing and requirements. If there is a fault with this, we will help to solve the problem, but have to make sure that extra costs can be incurred in terms of accrued time and material / equipment to solve the fault. When everything is in order, the house is lifted into place.

Plumber connects and tests supply of water and pipes to drain, electrician connects supply and tests that system works properly.

Montasje og ferdigstille

Assembly & complete

We start the adjustment and work on finishing the house exterior and interior. Our carpenters and fitters will normally need access to accommodation, water and WC, which we hope you as a customer can help with.



When the assembly is complete and the last details are in place, we are ready to take over and review all the details and available documentation.

FDV & Overtakelsesprotokoll
nsplsh_35664e6d57656a34744141~mv2 (2).jpg

VAT & takeover

Within 10 days, maintenance documents (FDV), complete documentation and signed takeover protocol documenting the delivery are delivered and the agreement is complete.

Ta huset i bruk

Use the house

The acquisition has been made and all documentation is in place. When the certificate of completion / use permit is available you can use the house. If this is not available, you must apply for a temporary use permit.


Follow-up check

After 1 year if needed, we will carry out 1 year inspection and make adjustments / corrections if there is anything that does not comply with the standard.



We provide a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects and will arrange any defect correction directly with you as a customer throughout the warranty period.


We welcome you as a customer! We will do our utmost to make you as a customer and partner happy and become a good ambassador and representative for us!

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