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Delivery description

The following are included in the delivery:


Flooring: Laminate or coating

Wall: Plaster (painted) or painted panels (panel or plain)

Thanks: Plaster

- Doors / sliding doors


- Smart bed with multifunction in all bedrooms including mattresses

- Wall plumber

- Bathroom decoration with washbasin and simple mirror / cupboard

- Heating cables in bathrooms

- Heater lounge and bedroom

- Kitchen interior with integrated stove and fan

El arrangement:

Inlet / fuse box, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and bathroom, 4 kitchen appliances, 4 living rooms

- Ceiling lamp in bedroom, living room / kitchen, hallway and bathroom


- Shallow and stained clothing

- Doors and windows

- Bracket / washer windows, door (s), ceiling / wall transition and wall / wall transition

- Single staircase at door (s) (W: <120cm)

- Crane

El arrangement:

- 2 Wall lights at door (s) or spotlights in cornices

- 1 Stitch

The following are not included:

- Shipping (Must be calculated for each project)

- Water and drainage supply

- Electrical supply

- Base walls / pillars

- Planning etc

The following are not included by default,
but can be delivered as an option for supplement by arrangement:

- Tiles in bathrooms

- Parquet flooring

- Flowerboard / shelves

- Oven

- Refrigerator

- Washing machine

- Dishwasher

- Wardrobe

- Full furniture incl

- Smart control of heat and light


- Solar panel with layout for house

- Gutter

- Terrace

- Terrace series

- Covered terrace

- Terrace with handrails

- Covered / pergola for terrace

- Stairs to ceilings (at flat ceilings)

- Cover to roof terrace

- Railing roof terrace

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