Delivery description

The following are included in the delivery:


Flooring: Laminate or coating

Wall: Plaster (painted) or painted panels (panel or plain)

Thanks: Plaster

- Doors / sliding doors


- Smart bed with multifunction in all bedrooms including mattresses

- Wall plumber

- Bathroom decoration with washbasin and simple mirror / cupboard

- Heating cables in bathrooms

- Heater lounge and bedroom

- Kitchen interior with integrated stove and fan

El arrangement:

Inlet / fuse box, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and bathroom, 4 kitchen appliances, 4 living rooms

- Ceiling lamp in bedroom, living room / kitchen, hallway and bathroom


- Shallow and stained clothing

- Doors and windows

- Bracket / washer windows, door (s), ceiling / wall transition and wall / wall transition

- Single staircase at door (s) (W: <120cm)

- Crane

El arrangement:

- 2 Wall lights at door (s) or spotlights in cornices

- 1 Stitch

The following are not included:

- Shipping (Must be calculated for each project)

- Water and drainage supply

- Electrical supply

- Base walls / pillars

- Planning etc

The following are not included by default,
but can be delivered as an option for supplement by arrangement:

- Tiles in bathrooms

- Parquet flooring

- Flowerboard / shelves

- Oven

- Refrigerator

- Washing machine

- Dishwasher

- Wardrobe

- Full furniture incl

- Smart control of heat and light


- Solar panel with layout for house

- Gutter

- Terrace

- Terrace series

- Covered terrace

- Terrace with handrails

- Covered / pergola for terrace

- Stairs to ceilings (at flat ceilings)

- Cover to roof terrace

- Railing roof terrace

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Fleksihus is a brand new concept by the Fair Deal Group, and therefore we do not have a complete catalogue of houses yet. You can see our house models here, or take a look in the photo gallery for inspiration and examples of solutions we can produce. Fair Deal AS is a solid company, established in 2003 with employees who have more than 30 years of experience from the construction industry. 

If you would like a quote you can contact us here. Feel free to provide some specific information about the desired size, number of beds, desire for loft, budget, and how the house will be used. That way we can come up with the best solution for your needs together. 

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